JT One Step Ahead Hosted by DJ Jazz

17 Year old rapper “JT” Is well on his way to becoming one of Hip Hop’s next generation of dope rappers.Born in the sunshine state of Florida as Joe Tanacredi and currently residing in Pocono Pa, “JT” jump started his rap career very humbly, with just a radio shack laptop and a mic. After growing up listening to such rappers as Fifty Cents,Biggie and Eminem, “JT” realized that his dream was to become the next big rapper to blow. He begin taking his rap career seriously and never strayed, that’s when his dad gave him tremendous support by Investing in the best studio equipment that money could buy.This finally gave “JT” the edge he needed to write and record songs that could compete with some of the best rappers in the game. Often complimented on his flow, “JT” Is on a mission to become another legendary rapper to go down in the Hip Hop history book. With the help and dedication of his management company Quad 4 Entertainment It is no doubt he will accomplish this goal. Follow @YA_BOY_JT_ @DJJAZZREALTRAP


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