Rich Homie Quan Did Not Have A Speedboat Getaway After Hitting A Bouncer


We don’t know quite what to think of Rich Homie Quan. He’s had some hits, but he also says some strange stuff and has a lot of weirdness around him.

But we have to admit the story last week about RHQ fleeing in a speedboat after beating up a bouncer was pretty cool.

Not the part about assaulting the bouncer, who wouldn’t let Quan into LIV at the Fontainebleau’s VIP section even after he dropped Flo Rida’s name. But if you’re going to act like an entitled asshole, the least you can do is follow it up by escaping like a well-prepared super villain.

Only we’ve now learned that Quan didn’t flee the Miami club in a speedboat. Instead, according to TMZ, he just walked to a nearby yacht and hid from the cops in plain view.

Of course that’s still better than dropping a bouncer and then hiding in a dumpster, or something undignified like that.

But it’s not enough to overcome the stain of the douchey behavior which preceded his “escape.”

And it won’t help him with the lawsuit the injured bouncer filed against him either.


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